Eye MDs

We promote eye health for all our patients through a preventive program of periodic eye examinations by our medical doctors. Our three doctors have a combined total of 70 years of private practice in Ophthalmology serving patients in the Chippewa Valley.   

Our medical doctors are experienced Board-certified Ophthalmologists, Medical Doctors specializing in medical and surgical diseases of the eye. Our practice includes:

* fitting glasses and contacts
* laser vision correction
* laser treatment of diabetes and other vascular diseases of the eye
* cataract and glaucoma surgery
* pediatric eye exams and surgery

Prior to entering practice, these MDs attended four years of college, four years of medical school, and four years of residency in Ophthalmology in order to be able to treat patients with expertise. We are all Board Certified in Medical and Surgical Ophthalmology.

Because of this extensive training, we can deliver a very comprehensive level of medical, optical, and surgical care to the people we serve.  We love what we do and try to treat all those we see with respect, dignity and kindness.  We feel that this Community is a great place to live and practice, and we are involved in many Community activities and charities in an attempt to maintain and improve it.