Dry Eye

Dry eye is probably the most frequently seen problem in eye clinics.

Your eye is moistened by spreading tears over its surface by blinking.  This keeps the eye comfortable and lets you move through your day without “noticing” your eyes at all. If your eyes are dry, you begin to feel a scratchy or dry feeling and “notice” that they are there.  The dry eye can lead to more serious problems such as infection or damage to the eye’s surface if not treated adequately but, most commonly, it is just an annoyance.

Dry eye can be treated in several different ways, from artificial tears to minor surgery to close the system which drains the tears away from the eyes. The causes of dry eye can be anything from environmental issues (low humidity or dust) to serious diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s syndrome.

At the Eye Clinic we can help determine the cause and treatment of your dry eye and help you get back to moving through your day without discomfort.

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