Contact Lenses

Our ABO-certified opticians will help you see better and look great with contact lenses. Our Optical Shop carries all types of contact lenses.

We can fill your prescription whether you are a first time or repeat contact lens wearer, even if you have astigmatism or need a bifocal. For those just starting out with contacts, we offer classes teaching insertion, removal and daily care.

What kind of optical correction is best for me?
There are several alternatives for correcting your vision. You should discuss your vision and your lifestyle with your eye doctor to decide which of these will be best for you.

Contact lenses are a common method of correcting refractive errors. They work by refocusing light rays on the retina, compensating for the shape of your eye.

About Contact Lenses (from AAO Eye Health)
Contact lenses are thin, clear disks of plastic that float on the surface of the eye. They correct vision like eyeglasses do and are safe when used with care. Contact lenses are used to correct the same conditions that eyeglasses do: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (blurred vision due to the shape of the cornea) and presbyopia (inability to see close up).

Millions of people around the world wear contact lenses, more than 24 million in the United States alone. Depending on your lifestyle, your motivation and the health of your eyes, contact lenses may provide a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses when used with proper care and maintenance.

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