Eye Care for Kids

Eye examinations can begin at birth.  An ophthalmologist can evaluate a child without their cooperation.  Crossed eyes, congenital cataracts, retinopathy of prematurity, and congential glaucoma can be seen in newborns.  With a family history of lazy eye (amblyopia) the prescription needed to help correct the problem can be determined without any help from the baby.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Ophthalmologists (AAO):

  • A child’s eyes should be checked at birth by a family doctor, pediatrician or ophthalmologist
  • A second exam should be performed before age 3
  • A screening for amblyopia should be done in preschool years after age 3
  • If there is any problem with the screening either in preschool testing or when a child enters school, a complete eye exam should be performed by an ophthalmologist

As Dr. Holm has stated, “We love children and feel any child can be examined. There really isn’t a problem with examining  very active children, you just have to stay in good enough physical condition to move around the exam room with them.”

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